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A new way to help clients in their time of need


When we created our HelpDesk process, we wanted to make it different from any other service currently available. We started by communicating with end users to find out what we could do to make them feel better about calling “The HelpDesk” to solve a technical computer or network problem. 

After a lot of discussion and also in dealing with helpdesk services ourselves, we found that the most common complaints for people using helpdesk services was that they couldn’t understand the person on the other end of the phone and that technicians never really took ownership of the problems they were being asked to resolve. 

This ultimately led to a lot more frustration for the person asking for help.

Due to this we structured our services so every technician will be able to be understood when talking to our clients and will always have ownership of your problem giving them the ability to properly address issues that the end users call with.

Our helpdesk crew is not only a friendly IT expert that will be able to understand your issues and most importantly you’ll be able to understand but will also have the proper expertise to be able to handle any issues they are asked to tackle.

We also use state of the art “Remote monitoring and management” software to help us keep detailed records of every problem ticket so we can instantly pull up information about your systems and get right down to solving the problem the first time around.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a top notch HelpDesk Service environment that will provide complete satisfaction to our clients when they are in need of help.

What is a Helpdesk?


A Help Desk is a single-point-of-contact for all of your users to access expert technical support. We take care of answers to software-related questions, and help with problem-solving (i.e., “My computer won’t start””). Our HelpDesk provides full support to on-site or off-site employees keeping them productive wherever they may be. Even if your business already has an in-house IT support person, ours HelpDesk complements their abilities, and can provide nighttime, after-hours or vacation support.