MavenBit HelpDesk Support Services


Focus on your Business and its success, NOT your network and computer info structure issues.

Most computer and network hardware problems can be solved within a few minutes over the phone. Our IT help desk Services are based on “ITIL 4” compliant processes and advanced IT management tool sets. We offer many comprehensive businesses IT services for small, medium-size, and large businesses requiring L1-L4 level full or part-time support desk services to help you better manage your business into profitability.

What are HelpDesk Services?

A HelpDesk is a single-point-of-contact for all your users to access expert technical support. We provide answers, and solutions to software-related questions, and help with problem-solving (i.e., “My computer won’t start”, etc.).

Our HelpDesk provides full support to on-site or off-site employees, allowing them to remain productive wherever they may be. Even if your business already has an in-house IT support person, our HelpDesk complements their abilities, and can provide nighttime, after-hours or vacation support.

HelpDesk 2-min


When we created our HelpDesk process, we wanted to make it different from any other service. We started with getting feedback from end users to find out how to make them feel better about calling “The HelpDesk” to solve a technical computer or network problem. After much discussion, and having dealt with helpdesk service calls ourselves, we found the most common complaints when using helpdesks was that they couldn’t understand the person on the other end of the phone and technicians never took ownership of the problems they were assigned to. Due to this, there was a great deal of unnecessary frustration for the person calling for help. To mitigate this, we structured our HelpDesk to have expert technicians that speak clearly when helping our clients and are judged on feedback not only from problem resolution data but also client feedback. Our helpdesk crew are friendly IT experts that will be able to understand your issues and most importantly will find you a solution to your current problem.

State of the art Management tools to help keep you and your business network secure and always running smoothly.

We also use state of the art “Remote monitoring and management” software to help us keep detailed records of every problem ticket to instantly pull up information about your systems and get right down to solving the problem the first time around. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with a top-notch HelpDesk Service environment that will provide complete satisfaction to our clients when they are in need. When you call our helpdesk, you’ll talk with technicians that are trained to document your problems, so your issues are taken care of promptly and with expertise.